The Anal Bleaching Ultimate Guide

Anal bleaching also referred to as anal lightening refers to the procedure of lightening the area around the anus so that it corresponds to the surrounding area. The anal area is usually dark in color because it is not exposed as the other areas in the human body. People who love donning bikinis and different outfits that expose their asses love bleaching the area around their anuses.

Anal bleaching options

girl posing Anal bleaching is a relatively new practice that is slowly but surely taking shape in various parts of the world. One of the frequently asked questions about anal bleaching is where the procedure is typically done.

Well, there are multiple alternatives when it comes to anal lightening. You can lighten the area at home, in a spa, or even check in a medical facility. Let us further shed light on different areas that you can have your anal area bleached.


Spas are becoming increasingly popular due to various cosmetic services that they provide. Anal bleaching is one of the services that are provided in a spa. If you are not confident of lightening your anal area at home, then visit a spa for professional service on the same.

To lighten your anal area in a spa, you will need more than $200, and it may take you several sessions to have the desired results. After your anal area has been lightened, you will be offered the maintenance cream which will help you to maintain the achieved color.


However, you should note that spas do not provide much privacy. Many people travel hundreds of miles away from their homes to get these services in the spas. Secondly, many people are usually uncomfortable with other parties who are not their spouses touching their genitals.

Carefully vet the spa that you would like to go to since some use chemicals that are harmful to produce desired results within the shortest time possible.

Home treatments

woman in pants

When it comes to the application of the anal lightening creams, the home treatments are the most popular choice because of the privacy that it offers. We have the anal lighting creams which users purchase and then apply it topically or as the dermatologist has prescribed it.

The home application is not only private but also a cheaper alternative. You may enlist the services of a person you trust like a spouse to help you with the application.

Medical application

Last but not least, there is the medical application whereby an individual visits a dermatological clinic. The dermatologist will prescribe a suitable anal lightening cream after running several tests. This anal bleach is the most recommended option although it is quite expensive.

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